• Gets started in the gym only to quickly lose motivation and ultimately end up back at your starting point or worse

  • Wants to improve your physique but doesn’t know where to start in terms of training or nutrition

  • Is particularly nervous to go to the gym wondering what others are thinking or self-conscious about the fact you have little to no experience in performing exercise movements

  • Has some prior experience and knowledge in the gym but fails to implement that into an effective training programme, therefore seeing no gains at all or at best slight improvements but know they can get far more out of their efforts

  • Knows their confidence, energy levels and habits can be so much better than they currently are


I’ve been through every single one of the above situations, I know exactly where you are at right now. Training in a gym environment for over 12 years and going through numerous training blocks focusing on fat loss, muscle gain and strength blocks and the inevitable variations in motivation levels that come with the process, I have experienced exactly what it takes to successfully achieve your ultimate fitness goal. I am determined to use the knowledge I have gained from my past experiences to get you exactly where you want to be.

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I help busy, ambitious individuals level up their physiques, confidence and mindset while maintaining full accountability in achieving their ultimate fitness goal. Training with CW Personal Training, I will help you:


  • Move quickly towards the best shape of your life, typical results for the average person on an 8 week fat loss programme as an example can expect to lose 6-10kg

  • Close that gap when starting with your fitness goal, having all the motivation but you might not know how to go about achieving this, I put everything in place for you to succeed

  • Feel your confidence levels go through the roof as you watch yourself transform into the person you want to become

  • Get a massive boost in productivity levels as you develop new positive habits that filter into everyday life

  • Learn about every area associated with your ultimate fitness goal including training, nutrition and lifestyle so there’s no going back to old ways and losing gains once your initial goal is reached


Working with myself, I will provide all the strategies, systems and tools you need to achieve your ultimate goal regardless of whether you have previous fitness experience or none at all, as well as full support and accountability.

I can help you with all of the above and it will be done in a balanced manner so you’re not giving up all the social activities you enjoy such as going for food or drinks, life is about enjoying yourself after all!


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Craig is a personal trainer who is committed to providing a first class service for anyone wishing to improve their physical fitness and lifestyle. Craig has a wealth of experience in the field of sport and fitness, which started with obtaining DipHe Sport and Exercise Science in 2014 then following this up with completing an honours degree in Bsc (Hons) Sport, Fitness and Coaching in 2016. Craig is a fully qualified personal trainer, completing his Level 2 fitness instructor and Level 3 diploma in personal training qualifications with Focus Awards and is a fully accredited CIMSPA and Register of Exercise Professionals member.


Always looking to further his knowledge and be the best possible coach, Craig is currently a member of Lift the Bar, which provides expert fitness and nutrition coaching to personal trainers to develop themselves to be the best coach they can be, this gives Craig the ultimate platform to continually enhance his skills and knowledge, allowing clients to reach their full potential. 

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Working with CW Personal Training, we aim to build a personalised experience towards helping you progress and ultimately reaching your fitness goal. 

Within the health and fitness industry, there is an overcrowding of personal trainers who do simple 4-6 week personal trainer courses without ever having actually been through a training programme in the gym themselves or studied in greater detail what is required to get optimal results from training blocks, if you haven’t experienced for yourself what you are teaching and advising your clients, how can you know that this will get them the results they truly deserve?


At CW Personal Training we have been through every fitness process, from losing weight to gaining lean muscle mass. With the combination of evidence-based degree level study in the field of Sport and Fitness alongside extensive applied knowledge, you can be assured as a valued client of CW Personal Training that you are in the best place to work towards achieving your goals, providing a safe and effective personal training service during sessions with additional unlimited training, lifestyle and nutrition support throughout the entire process, setting you up for long term success. 

Working with CW Personal Training, we will identify your fitness goals to provide you with a bespoke exercise programme and nutrition plan to fit around your current lifestyle, fitness level, likes and dislikes, with continuous support to monitor your progress to achieve your goals. With our experience and applied approach to health and fitness, we will have you quickly progressing towards your ultimate fitness goal. What are you waiting for? Join CW Personal Training today to start your fitness journey. 



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